Friday, July 28, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.209: The Body in the Shed

This dilapidated shed next to a train track has a strange history attached to it. The line besides which it stands runs through Southcote Station, but the line is also believed to run parallel to one of the Secret Alleys - a lattice of non-corporeal pathways, or lines of force akin to ley lines - which form part of the hypergeometrics of Horsingdon's invisible topography, and which - according to the guardians of the Black Bowers - provide access to the more secret recesses or occulted aspects of that praeternatural landscape.

In any case, the shed is avoided by local residents on account of it being one of the points of regular manifestation of the Shanklin Man - a claim apparently supported by the fact that, some years ago, the body of some indigent was discovered in the shed. Whilst the local press reported this unfortunate as having died of natural causes, the resident who found the body had a different story to tell, stating that the corpse 'looked like it had its face stolen by the Shanklin Man'.

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