Friday, February 22, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.53: The Hidden Paths

The hidden paths of the Folk of the Black Bowers are both manifold and liminal: one crosses them often in Horsingdon, although they are usual hidden from ordinary sight, constituting an invisible topography coexistent with its corporeal counterpart, and tracing routes to places no sane human would dare to visit.

On occasion, however - usually whilst one is treading some obscure path or lane through wood and field - one realises, in a manner which often defies clear, verbal expression - or perhaps a feeling of inexpressible dread - that this occult interpenetration of things has somhow become manfest. At such times, it is best to turn around and head home, for to continue with one’s journey is to risk the possibility of arrival at a destination from which there may be no returning.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.52: Urban Monoliths

A number of great, blocky redbrick monoliths exist in and around Horsingdon; no one seems to recall who built them, but it is generally agrees that the structures first appeared during the early years of the Cold War. The parcels of land upon which these edifices were built have since been subject to compulsory purchase orders, and the monoliths are now surrounded by high, industrial-grade steel palisades topped with barbed-wire.

As with so much else within the borough, the origin and purpose of the monoliths remains a mystery - although rumours occasionally surface of military trucks parked in their vicinity, of curious lights observed hovering above them at midnight, and of black-robed figures seen encircling these modern megaliths at twilight, all the while chanting the words of an incomprehensible catechism.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.51: Spectral Invasions

A transmitter array near Eastcote Station. Here the air is charged with a thick galvanic hum and the numbing tang of ozone. It is said that, on some nights, strange, wraithlike figures can be observed clustering around the base of the transmitter; drawn to it’s signal, perhaps these terrible inhabitants from another world see the technological beacon as the means of entering our world from their own, spectral dimension...

But to what purpose?

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.50: The Witches of Wealdstone Brook

Wealdstone Brook eventually feeds into the Trentford River, which runs parallel to the Ebury Way up to and beyond the village of Dedham. The Brook itself, marking through part of its journey the old parish boundary between Horsingdon and Harlow, has a doleful history associated with the region’s witchlore: suspected witches were once hanged from the bridge where the above photo was taken, allowing their fleeing, monstrous souls to be carried off by the Brook’s purifying current, so that those malign spirits might never again trouble the good people of Horsingdon.

The rationale behind this practice did, however, Reveal,itself to be flawed: one particular infamous witch trial in the January of 1752 saw twenty-three women hanged from the bridge in a single day; within a year, the three witch hunters who presided over that shocking tribunal were dead to a man - each of them later discovered to have mysteriously drowned at various locations along the sodden banks of Wealdstone Brook.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.49: The Door in the Tower.

A utilitaran wrought-iron staircase leads to a single doorway - the building’s only visible point of ingress or egress - at the top of a monolithic, redbrick windowless tower, which forms part of an abandoned Ministry installation. Though no longer operational, this site remains off-limits to Horsingdon’s citizenry.

Some doorways, it seems, are best kept permanently closed.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.48: Phantasmal Transmitter

A spectral structure, witnessed in the early hours of this morning from Harlow Station. By all accounts, the thing stretched for miles into the upper atmosphere, and in many particulars was the visionary analogue of the many corporeal transmitter arrays which haunt the region.

Rumours currently abound that, for the few minutes during which this phantasmal transmitter was visible, local radio broadcasts were interrupted by a strange and unearthly signal from an as-yet unknown source. Some Harlow residents have apprently reported hearing the voices of deceased friends and family emanating from their radio sets during this period of disruption. One can only imagine the horror of such a thing: dead, familiar whispers, quietly uttering sinister secrets and unspeakable truths into the ears of their awestruck and affrighted percipients.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Malign Fequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.47: Houses of the Unholy

In a small garden on the border of Horsingdon Woods stand a number of curious, roughly-hewn stone pillars or monoliths, marking this out as the habitation of one of the Guardians of the Black Bowers - or even possibly (and a worse proposition by far) that of one of the surviving members of the Horsingdon Coven.

Even though such dwellings, ramshackle as they invariably are, often offer the appearance of having been long abandoned, this is rarely the case; certainly the older residents of Horsingdon have a care to avoid these places, and will warn you never, ever, to approach them - for those who have, by some means, attained ingress to such houses with a view to seeking the counsel of the strange individuals who dwell within, are rarely ever seen again.