Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.194: Unholy Habitations

Yet another of James Boreham's now-derelict properties: a domicile made up of entirely windowless rooms, and possessing similarly sealed doorways - long ago bricked up by order of Horsingdon Borough Council.

Outsiders who accidentally alight upon one of these blank facades invariably raise the vexatious question as to how one is supposed to gain entrancebto the interior of the structure. For those who have spent any time whatsoever in the region, and who know something of its history - especially as it pertains to the questionable life and unspeakable works James Boreham - are all too well aware that this is entirely the wrong question to ask: for the intent of such doorless and windowless houses is not to bar entry to them, but to prevent egress into our world by those who still yet reside within the walls of these unholy habitations.

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