Saturday, July 01, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.182: Inscrutable Portents

Yesterday night a burning ball of light was photographed above Hallowmere Playing Fields; this morning, a number of strange circular indentations - akin to what were once called 'fairy rings' - were discovered in the centre of the fields. This occurs in the context of recent ritual activity around the Witching Tree (which stands at the far edge of the fields).

Whilst the exact nature of the relationship - if any - between these varied phenomena remains obscure, their portentious appearance in close proximity (both spatial and temporal) would seem to denote a pattern of significance. Yet given the ineffable nature of the Horsingdon landscape - whose primal substance ultimately eludes any attempt at comprehension - it may ultimately be the case that such patterns form part of an equasion whose underlying principles are too monstrous - too alien - for human minds to fathom, let alone solve.

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