Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.197: Falling Stars

Horsingdon Woods contains a number of large, circular caldera-like depressions, many of which are oddly quiet and seemingly absent of wildlife. Local legend holds that these are in fact craters left in the aftermath of 'falling stars' which were 'called down from the gulfs of space' by the Horsingdon coven at some point during the Dark Ages. There are those who claim that whatever the coven brought forth from the voids between the stars was the very thing responsible for warping and transmuting the Horsingdon landscape at some fundamental level, altering the ways in which space-time operates throughout the region - and the ultimate cause of the varied weird and uncanny events which seem to regularly afflict the borough. Whatever the truth of the matter, these hollows are always oddly quiet, exude an aura of menace, and are seemingly absent of wildlife.

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