Tuesday, July 04, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.185: Haunted Tracks

This dilapidated shed sits on the other side of the local train line as it runs through Northwich Park Station toward Trentford. Beyond the shed can be seen the halls of residence which serve Northwich Park campus. Late night goods drivers who sometimes frequent the nearby local Windermere pub can sometimes be persuaded to recount tales of some of the stranger things they have witnessed along the stretch the track that passes from Horsingdon to Trentford. One commonly recounted tale is that of three pale figures - each of them lacking a face or discernable features of any kind - standing outside of the shed, apparently directing their smoothly blank countenances in the direction of the tracks.

The drivers who have observed these spectral beings uniformly agree that their eyless gaze is suffused with a discernable malignance - although it is never made clear in these tales as to who or what this emnity is directed. Perhaps it is less the product of a desire for vengeance for some past wrong than it is of their meaningless and idiotic existence: a malevolence more generally levelled at a universe whose unknowable laws force these uncanny mannequins to mark their watch, staring blindly and mindlessly - night, after night, after night throughout all eternitity - into a world they are no longer able to comprehend.

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