Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.192: Earthworks

Near Trentford stand these crumbling ruins of ancient brickwork, surrounding an even more ancient earthwork mound or tumulus. Legend has it that this is the final resting place of Merlin - although there are many other strange and uncanny sites within the British landscape which also make similar claims.

The guardians of the Black Bowers would tell you an altogether different story - were you brave enough to ask, and willing to pay the price demanded for such knowledge: that the mound is, indeed, the burial site of a most ancient and powerful wizard - but one unnamed in the annals of the region's history, and who was not only the founder of their order, but also of the Boreham line...

They will also tell you that the occult topographies of the Horsingdon landscape sometime press upon those buried within its folds certain monstrous transfigurations - especially upon those whose substance has come to be wrought out of strange alchemies and inhuman power; thus they will also tell you that the nameless sorcerer they count as ancestor still yet walks abroad during those seasons when the stars are right, and for those not schooled in the mysteries of the Black Bowers, this is a place best avoided at night.

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