Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Ghooric Zone is...Changing

The more astute amongst the already sharp-eyed regular readers of this blog may have noticed one or two minor changes to the design and layout during recent perusals.

Needless to say, Whispers from the Ghooric Zone is transitioning into an entirely new mode of being. At present, said metamorphosis remains incomplete as we continue to explore otherwise unplumbed strata of ocular phantasmagoria, excavate colours hitherto concealed to the normal optic range of the human visual apparatus, and otherwise 'mash things up a bit' (as I understand kids on 'the street' are want to say these days). I expect things will settle down in a week or so. Until then, especially sensitive readers are advised to pour themselves a strong cup of tea to settle their nerves until normal service is resumed.

Clyde Lewis Announces the Return of Cthulhu

In an earlier post I mentioned Clyde Lewis’ alleged encounter with an MiB calling himself Nyarlathotep. More recently, Lewis has continued to mine a rich vein of Lovecraftiana as grist for the conspiratorial mill by devoting this episode of his apocalyptic shock-jock paranormal radio show to a discussion of Cthulhu and his spawn with a somewhat bemused Shaun Branney (of HPLHS fame) as his guest. Granted, much of the discussion seems tongue in cheek, although the gullibility of some of the callers with regard to Cthulhu’s existence is worrying to say the least. Even so, Lewis has provided his thoughts on the matter of Cthulhu’s reality (which he does seem to treat seriously) in more detail here, here and here.