Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.186: Haunted Tenements

This crumbling tenement block - once owned by James Boreham - has remained untenanted for decades and is scheduled to be demolished in the coming weeks. Horsingdon Council has, however, also deemed it necessary to fumigate the block prior to its levelling. Why this needs to be done in the wake of its imminent destruction seems odd, to say the least; odder still are witness reports noting the participation of a local priest in this 'fumigation' - the very same priest who was, in fact, previously involved in the affair of Boreham Tower. One can only speculate at the nature of an infestation requiring the intervention of a specialist in things metaphysical and praeternatural...

Indeed, this is one of a number of properties that have been marked for demolition (and no doubt 'fumigation') in the coming months - all of whose histories appear to be intertwined in some manner with the spectre of James Boreham.

It is almost as if the council now has some pressing need to exorcise and eradicate even the slightest, lingering element of Boreham's influence upon the urban topograpy of Horsingdon.

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