Friday, July 07, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.188: Desolation, Solitude and Dread

There are a number of sites along the Ebury Way (in the direction of Croxley Moor) which have been closed off to public access by the Ministry, including the above: a stagnant, weed-strewn pond, filled with debris  - the rejected accoutrements of an earlier life for their previous owners - and surrounded by iron railings; and a small, overgrown field enclosed - in a somewhat sinister fashion - by link fencing and barbed wire (which is becoming increasingly choked with wildly verdant plantlife which apparently desires to disseminate itself beyond the human boundaries set for it). No reason has ever been given for the effective privatisation of what was once common land.

Notably, these sites do tend to be in out-of-the way places, and are rarely visited by the casual ramblers typically encountered along the Ebury Way. As a consequences they are characterised by an almost palpable aura of solitude; visitants to these desolate regions have also recounted experiencing a sense of overwhelming dread in close proximity to the perimiter of such sites: the kind of dread one feels in the presence of something fundamentally at odds with the basic, foundational physics which govern our world - a sense absolute alterity which the residents of Horsingdon are, indeed, all too familiar with from their long experience of living in the shadow of the Outside.

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