Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.193: Signals to the Superspectrum

Another mysterious transmitter located along the Ebury way just outside of Horsingdon, and situated not far from a sealed concrete bunker dating from the mid-1950s - a period during which a signicant number of UFO sightings were reported in the region. By the early 1960s, such reports trailed off significantly - until the past decade, during which time the above transmitter was built. Since then, this stretch of the Ebury way has once more become somewhat notorious as a local hotspot for sightings of strange lights in the sky, encounters with other unexplained aerial phenomenon, and even confrontations with mysterious cryptids which seem to appear from nowhere - as well as with other, far stranger visitants from those praeternatural realms which teem invisibly at the thresholds of our own.

Undoubtedly there is something strange about Horsingdon and its surrounding environs: some inherent property of the landscape - the unique hypergeometric organisation of its topography, perhaps - which signals its status as one of the 'window areas' written of by John Keel: conjectural zones which delineate points of intersection between our reality and the infinte superspectrum of other worlds - in relation to which, the many transmitter arrays which dot the region seem placed in locales where the metaphyical membrane between worlds is especially thin - sites whose histories are rife with rumour of the spectral and the unearthly.

Have they, perhaps, been positioned purposely so? A calculated design replicating some arcane pattern or cryptic sigil - perhaps wrought from the ruin of those occult economies which, some conspiracy theorists claim, flourished in secret bunkers and laboratories during the most desperate hours of World War 2, and in which unspeakable secrets and inconceivable technologies of prehuman genesis constituted the principal tokens of exchange? A summoning grid, of sorts, for signalling to and calling forth those vast things that roll mindlessly in the voids of space -  and within the unplumbed gulfs beyond time and space? And if such speculation turns out to be even a distorted reflection of the truth, who would do such a thing? And to what purpose?

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