Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.208: The Sign of the Goat

In the aftermath af yet another thunderstorm, the above lights were photographed, hovering in a triangular formation, above the treeline of Horsingdon Woods. As noted previously, in the esoteric system of signification employed by the guardians of the Black Bowers, the triangle represents an occult portal or doorway - one by which the non-Euclidean dimensions within which lurk Those Who Wait can be accessed.

There is also mention in the histories of Horsingdon of the discovery of a number of artefacts during an archaeological dig which occured in Horsingdon Woods in the late 19th Century. Apparently amongst the items discovered were a number of clay tablets, dating from the time of the Roman invasion of Britain, and upon which were inscribed triangular motifs containing the image of the head of a three-eyed goat. Unfortunately there are no extant photographs of these objects, which ended up in the personal collection of James Boreham. There is no clue as to their current whereabouts..

The lights in the above image were photographed hovering over the spot in Horsingdon Woods where the dig took place.

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