Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.183: The Devil's Bridleway

At the steep incline where Horsingdon Wood begins to encroach upon Horsingdon Hill, this wide avenue - known locally as 'The Devil's Bridleway' - cuts a path through the Wood to the Hill's crest.

According to local legend, this is where the Devil - mounted upon a great black horse with glowing red eyes, breathing hellfire, and spewing sulphurous smoke from its snout - chased down and dragged into the fiery pit an ancestor of James Boreham. This unnamed ancestor, it is said, bargained away his immortal soul to improve the fortunes of the Boreham family - but at the last relented of the compact and sought to deny the Devil of his due.

Other tales offer a different account: that on All Hallow's Eve of 1587, the Horsingdon Coven - then lead by an ancestor of James Boreham - invoked something on the top of Horshingdon Hill: something which they called up from some inchoate realm of nightmare beyond Euclidean space; something which they lacked the power or the words to put down; something which cut a swathe through the local landscape and was finally imprisoned, only after great loss of life, beneath Horsingdon Hill itself; something which the guardians of the Black Bowers claim will one day be released by a descendent of the Boreham clan; something which, once freed, will open the final, ultimate doorway to the black abysses where Those Who Wait lurk and swarm hungrily, allowing them ingress into our world...

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