Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.187: Monstrous Abode

This curious building overlooks the Grand Union Canal on a desolate and overgrown parcel land belonging to the Boreham family. The windows are barred, and rumour has it that this was once the habitation of - or more properly prison to - one of James Boreham's siblings: apparently a brother (or half-brother, if local gossip is to be believed) born horribly malformed and deemed far too ungainly to be allowed to be seen in public; this was, it seems, one of those Boreham offspring in which was more evidently and atavistically manifest that streak of otherwordly ancestry which has supposedly blighted that family's bloodline for centuries.

The edifice sits on the side of the canal opposite to the bank along which a public footpath runs, so is generally inaccesible - although there is a mooring along that bank not far from the building; local barge owners are, however, loathe to moor there - especially at night - on account of strange phenomena associated with the site: principally, a sorrowful, disconsolate and inhuman moaning said to emanates from within the squat during the hours of darkness - a lament accompanied by the more unpleasant sound akin to some monstrous, bulky mass mass shifting about within a cramped and lonely abode.

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