Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.60: The Boarding House

The Boarding House is one of the largest buildings on Oldborough Road, off Eastcoate Lane -  as well as one of the most haunted in Northwich. Indeed, its current state of disrepair speaks eloquently to its spectrally-beleaguered status. The place is largely-uninhabited now, except for the landlady and the couple of old alcoholics she has been managed to convince to remain in the place.

Like other such haunted residences in the area, the phantasmal visitants who are prone to disturb the peace of this particular house conform to none of the quotidian ghostly typologies one finds in the standard parapsychological literature; rather, this place is beset by praeternatural entities of highly atypical configuration: aetheric beasts forged by alien geometries into inconceivably twisted forms; black, crawling shadows which reveal unspeakable horrors in their abysmal depths; a great phospherescent worm-like phantom sometimes encountered in the cellar; the amorphous congeries of sickly-glowing spheres which has, on occasion, been encountered in the attic...

It may come as no surprise to regular readers that the Boarding House was once owned by James Boreham and, as with so many of the things over which that notable has cast his long and sinister shadow, it is also perhaps no surprise that the hollow echo of the Outside and the reverberation of worlds more terrible than our own resonate so readily throughout its decrepit and derelict hallways.

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