Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.71: The Warehouse

This bunker-like structure - repurposed as the freight depot which now services the local Northwich rail lines - was at one time utilised by the Ministry during their period of involvement (which some maintain continues to this day) with the mysteries of the Horsingdon Triangle.

The original purpose of the building remains unclear, although local residents refer to it as 'the Warehouse'; in relation to which, what might appear to the casual observer as traditional mason's marks (etched throughout the brickwork across the circumference of the building) in fact constitute elements of a complex system of obscure occult symbology - one which delineates a set of non-Euclidean and hyperdimensional relations - supposedly used for binding and containing praeternatural intrusions into this world.

The building certainly has acquired something of an uncanny reputation over the years, primarily as as a result of the strange sounds that would sometimes issue from its interior; indeed, one can still hear tales - occasionally whispered by the rail workers who frequent the numerous nearby hostelries - concerning encounters with a 'nameless mist' or 'formless thing' which continues to haunt the edifice to this day.

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