Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.59: The Men From The Ministry

This squat brick building, enclosed with fencing marked 'No Entry', was apparently one of the 'listening posts' built by the Ministry of Defence (mentioned in an earlier post) at various sites in and around Horsingdon at the start of the Cold War. The purpose of these buildings  - in terms of exactly what they were listening for or how they were to complete this task - has never been disclosed.

This being Horsingdon, rumours nonetheless abound, one of which involves the claim that a strange low hum emanates from the buildings at certain times - and that this phenomenon appears to align with the occurance of other notable praeternatural events in the region; another holds that the government agency responsible for erecting the buildings was not, in fact, the Ministry of Defence, but another, far more secretive group only ever refered to by its representatives as 'The Ministry'.

Encounters with these Men From The Ministry were, it seems, typically marked by a distictly strange and sinister quality: one informant recounted an incident when two such individuals not only threatened to end his life should he ever reveal publicly any details of something he should not have seen, but subsequently made an even more disturbing and distressing threat of (what he described as) 'an existential character'. This individual, who died a few years ago, never did disclose what it was he had witnessed which so provoked the ire of the Men From The Ministry; nor would he ever elaborate on the exact nature of the peculiar threat that had terrified him so.

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