Saturday, March 04, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.63: The Church with the Windowless Spire

Along Eastcote Lane, not far from Horsingdon Civic Centre, stands an unused church, of relatively recent build (a blocky, red-brick building whose design seems typical of late 60s - early 70s architectural modernism) and notable for its squat, monolithic spire. The spire is windowless and featureless - aside from the vents close to the apex which, despite the church's apparent lack of occupancy, have sometimes be seen to exude a strange, sweet-smelling vapour with a curious violet hue.

There are those who claim to have been afflicted by strange visions when in the vicinity of those fumes: visions of a black planet drifting insensately along an irregular orbit at the utmost rim of our solar system, upon which unlighted obsidian towers perch precariously at the edges of great rivers - rivers whose floes of frozen black pitch meander sluggisly through steep gorges of jagged black rock...

Investigations into the history of the church have thusfar revealed very little: apparently the relevant records reside somewhere in the council archives located in Boreham Park, and there has been some difficulty retrieving them. I am, however, aware that the church hall was used throughout 1998 by one Dr David Noyes, an American psychiatrist hailing from Vermont. Apparently Noyes convened weekly meetings at the hall of what appears to have been some kind of quasi-religious UFO research group, whose members claimed to be in communication - via occult means - with a group of strange extraterrestrial intelligences. Around the same time, the local area was apparently plagued by a kind of clairaudient phenomena: typically, percipients (who were often walking alone late at night) reported hearing the sound of strange buzzing whispers emerging from some dark street corner or alley - although always within close vicinity of the church.

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