Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.88: Electromagnetic Ghosts

Somewhat obscured from view in this image (on the right-hand side of the tree) is one of Northwich's final distribution substations, which supplies the surrounding area with electricity. These substations are always fenced in due to the very real danger of electrocution they pose. In addition to which, this particular substation - hidden away down an alleyway off Hallowmere Road - has also acquired something of a reputation on account of the more praeternatural threats which cluster about it.

Passersby have, for example, claimed that the substation's soft, burring hum has a hypnotic quality - as if produced by some sentient mechanical siren seeking to draw the listener closer to the deadly intermolecular forces aswarm amidst its electronic core; others maintain that a soft voice hides beneath that electrical drone, whispering secrets - both profound and horrible - about those fundamental forces which constitute reality to those willing to listen. Even more remarkable tales speak of the alleyway being haunted by some monstrous electromagnetic spectre, whose manifestation is heralded by electrical discharges which bite and burn the air, and by the smell of ozone and cooked human flesh...Whatever the matter, the alleyway always feel taut with an uneasy charge.

As to why the alleyway appears to be thus haunted, there is certainly no end of speculation amongst the local populace: perhaps the Ministry at one time meddled with the substation, introducing some alien or occult technology into its mechanisms; or perhaps the substation rests on some ancient, sacred spot, such that the land itself will no longer countenance its presence, seeking to possess, corrupt and ultimately extinguish the very soul of this electromagnetic interloper.

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