Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.64: The Ministry

From the 1950s until the tail end of the 1990s, this building (not far from North Horsingdon Lane) was reputedly the base of operations of the government agency known locally as 'The Ministry'. Ostensibly tasked to investigate and monitor transmissions deemed to be potential threats to national security during the Cold War (the numbers stations which appeared to be operating out of Horsingdon being a case in point), The Ministry also purportedly demonstrated a singular interest in the significant number of UFO sightings that clustered around the region (especially Horsingdon Hill) - and n particular their speculated relationship to the high incidence of occult and paranormal phenomena recorded throughout the borough's history.

One very curious rumour I have heard regarding The Ministry concerns their investigations into the UFOlogical research group established by Dr David Noyes (mentioned in yesterday's entry). Apparently Ministry staff retrieved some quite remarkable documentation from Dr Noyes' home shortly after his mysterious disappearance. These documents apparently functioned as some kind of very basic primer for a linguistic or symbolic system of entirely alien or praeternatural provenance  - one that was not only largely beyond the comprehension of the Ministry's research team but, insofar as its basic contours could be apprehended, was suggestive of a radically new - and horrifying - understanding of physics, of mathematics, and of the fundamental structure of reality itself.

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