Friday, March 03, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.62: Secret Holdings

This building was erected on the Boreham Park estate by James Boreham a few years prior to his death; when Horsingdon Borough Council took over the management of Boreham Park, it was initially repurposed as a cafe, then later converted to an archival storage facility. Despite its rather unassuming exterior, Boreham excavated extensive cellars benath the structure within which to conduct his alchemical researches - a recurrent motif, so it seems, where James Boreham's renovations are concerned. In any case, the vaults beneath the edifice also apparently connect to the cellars and tunnels below Boreham Park Library, all of which are now used to store decades' worth of the council's administrative records.

Or so it is alleged. Other rumours hold that these subterrenean facilities contain another, more secret archive: a clandestine repository of the various proscribed occult texts and praeternatural artefacts which have been unearthed throughout Horsingdon's history, and which subsequently came to the attention of the likes of James Boreham, the upper eschalons of Horsingdon Borough Council, as well as - according to some sources - the mysterious and unnamed government 'Ministry' which appears to have involved itself rather deeply in local affairs since the 1950s

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