Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.70: A Scar in the Sky

Earlier this evening, the above curious phenomenon appeared in the skies above Horsingdon, which lasted for the better part of half-an-hour. March 11th marks one of the Ember Days of the Catholic liturgical calendar: a time of prayer and penitance in preparation for Easter; English folkloric traditions also hold that such 'Ember Days' are oracular in nature: a time when local cunning folk would make prognostications regarding the coming months - prognostications divined from meteorological conditions as they manifested on the day in question. It is, however, said that this tradition took a very particularistic turn as it presented itself within local culture of Horsingdon, where the guardians of the Black Bowers would augury whether the season had arrived when Those Who Wait would finally awake from their deathless sleep to reclaim the world...

Such traditions run deep through the psycohistorical tissue of Horsingdon: soon after this strange aerial phenomenon appeared, my neighbours made me thoroughly aware of their many fearful theories and fancies as to what it might portend: was it some kind of ectoplasmic plume vomited forth from out the troubled topography of this place? A scar in the sky signifying some partially-successful ritual which sought to rend the veil between worlds, and call forth Those Who Wait? Chemtrails spewed from the exhaust of some secret Ministry aircraft as part of a sinister experiment?

Perhaps a parochial expression of those wider anxieties which seem to charcterise our times, it seems that more than a few of the inhabitants of Horsingdon are currently pondering the precise nature of the transformations and transmutations that such a vapourous harbinger might foreshadow in the coming days...

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