Monday, March 13, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.72: Signal to Noise

This apparently abandoned building - situated within an industrial estate that sits alongside the Northwich Park line (and not far from the Warehouse) - hosts another of the incongruous antennae or transmitter arrays which tarnish the Horsingdon skyline.

There has been something of a slump in property prices in the vicinity of the industrial estate in which the building stands - and (if the records made public by Northwich Park Hospital are to be believed) local residents have been afflicted by an unusually high incidence of mental health issues - in recent years. Exactly why this is the case remains unclear; however, an associate of mine who lived in the area observed the following in his diary shortly before taking his own life:
This is a place which forces you listen to sounds which you cannot unhear; sounds which rupture space, and which distort and derange the very tissue of reality into perplexing new configurations; here those men from the Ministry tap into the psychic residuum produced by Those Who Wait as They roll aimlessly in Their deathless slumber through unlighted chambers beyond the ordered universe, thence broadcasting the maddening sonic echo of that mindless dreamstuff - for knows what purpose (or perhaps for no purpose at all?) - directly into the oneiric awareness of Horsingdon's sleeping populace.

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