Monday, March 27, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.86: Lock-Ups

One of the stranger episodes to trouble the people of Horsingdon began on the 24th May 1984, when the Horsingdon police received a mysterious telephone call from a 'Mr. Cold'. The caller - who had employed some means of disguising his voice (he reportedly spoke in a mechanical, buzzing fashion) - went on to provide the locations of the bodies of five murder victims.

The investigation which followed did indeed reveal said bodies, each of which had been stored in separate lock-ups spread throughout the borough. Stranger still was the condition in which the bodies presented themselves: whilst perfectly preserved, the limbs and head had been removed from each corpse, then sewed back onto a torso from another body in a seemingly-random manner. Thus, whilst morphologically complete, each of the recovered cadavars did in fact consisted of a melange of parts taken from all five corpses. The internal organs of the bodies had also been expertly removed, sealed in clear plastic, and then sewn back into the relevant bodily cavities. Needless to say, as with the heads and limbs, none of the organs were replaced in the bodies from which they originated.

Whilst the mysterious Mr. Cold's allegation of homicide seemed likely, the actual cause of death in all five cases could not be readily determined. Other anomalies further complicated the situation: the bodies, whilst discernably human, nonetheless possessed what the coroner described as an 'artificial' or 'plastic' quality; the skin of the victims, whilst uniformly pale, also exhibited a phosphorescent, greenish tinge (this was determined not to be a post-mortem phenomenon). The identity of the corpses was never ascertained, nor was anyone apprehended on suspicion of their murder. The official record states that the bodies were removed to Northwich Park hospital, where they were eventually cremated; other clandestine sources hold that the remains were, in fact, appropriated by the Ministry for some sinister and unknowable purpose.

The lock-ups in which the bodies were discovered also found themselves interwined in another remarkable mystery: the disparate properties were all unused and in a state of disrepair, on account of their owners having all died (seemingly of natural causes) in 1971 - and all on the 24th of May of that year. None of the deceased appeared to have any prior association with the others. The location of each of the five lock-ups roughly corresponds to what have, more recently, been identified as the five cardinal points of the Horsingdon Pentagram.

Notably on the night of the 23rd May 1984, there had been a flurry of UFO sightings in the area - many of which clustered around Horsingdon Hill; whether these sightings were in any way related to the discovery of the bodies remains a matter of pure speculation.

As far as I am aware, no one has subsequently heard from the inscrutable Mr. Cold.

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