Friday, March 10, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.69: Eastcote Lane Underpass

The bridge which links the Northwich Park Station line to other major Underground routes leading into central London crosses over Eastcote Lane, creating something of an underpass midway between Eastcote Station and Horsingdon Civic Centre.

Socially-peripheral sites such as this, lit only intermittently by the flickering sodium haze of malfunctioning streetlights, demarcate the extremities of the actual. Yet the residents of Nortwich tacitly acknowledge the significance of such places in the very act of avoiding them, for these territories also function as steadfast bastions against the infinite number of terrible worlds which ceasely grind against our own, ever threatening to overwhelm it; they are boundary markers, inhabited only by the marginal and the disaffected: the homeless, the addicted, and the alcoholic, whose precarious existence in close proximity to the Outside by necessity leads them to become seers and mystagogues of the highest order -  but whose transendent wisdom is so often eclipsed by the madness which precedes it.

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