Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.151: The Eyes of Night

Subsequent to my recent explorations of the Ebury Way and its surrounding environs, I discovered the above image in my e-mail inbox, along with a short message delivered by the mysterious individual going by the name of 'Cold'. The accompanying missive claims that the image depicts a strange phenomenon which appeared in the night sky lights above Croxley Moor at precisely the same time that pulsing lights and a low humming drone were observed emanating from the nearby Ministry facility. The inscrutable 'Cold' further claims that, on this occasion, an ominous chanting could be also heard coming from within the grounds of the installation.

If looked at closely, the image looks like two pale, glowing eyes inset within the smoky mirage of a giant mantis-like face. This may be nothing more than a case of over-active pareidolia - or it may be evidence of a manifestation of some monstrous visitant, whose partial form has been evoked from some hidden gulf or nighted abyss by the inconceivable technological sorceries being experimented with at the windowless facility on the edge of Croxley Moor.

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