Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.150: Signals out of Time

Above is a long-distance shot of the curious apparatus - presumably some kind of transmitter array - rising from the roof of one of the squat windowless buildings which form part of the governement facility on the edge of Croxley Moor. As far as I can judge, the transmitter directly overlooks the small stone circle which is encompassed within the installation's grounds.

There have been accounts by late-night bypassers of a low, throbbing hum emanating from within the facility's compound, accompanied by weirdly-pulsing multicoloured lights; notably these curious displays often coincide with reports of encounters with the mysterious beast of Croxley Moor, as well as with sightings of the strange, neolithic spectres along the Ebury Way.

Speculation thus abounds as to the occult nature of the technologies being employed within the facility, and how they are being used to interact with the praeternatural topographies of Horsingdon: esoteric signals resonating not just across space but throughout time, to much earlier periods of human prehistory and sentience; perhaps even echoing into the profound temporal abysses of deep time, and thence into the awareness of whatever murky forms of prehuman consciousness inhabited the planet long before the dawn of humanity: things which, if the mysterious ancient capstone in the Croxley Moor marshes is anything to go by, may subsist still deep below the Horsingdon landscape - things once slumbering which the pulsing of enigmatic signals has now raised to a monstrous wakefulness.

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