Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.130: Shadows Over Horsingdon

A triumvirate of shadowy, unidentified aerial phenomena manifested above Horsingdon Hill on May Eve - as attested to in this photograph which apparently captured the event. Observers claimed that the objects seemed to possess an organic quality, with one of them changing shape shortly before all three converged on the crest of Horsingdon Hill and were lost to view.

A few days ago the body of an elderly male vagrant was discovered in Horsingdon Woods. Formally, the cause of death has been recorded as hypothermia as a result of exposure - despite the mildness of the weather over the last ten days. Informally, a friend of mine who works in the Horsingdon Coroners Office told me that man's death was far from natural: both of the victim's eyes - and at least one other internal organ - had been removed with what was apparently surgical precision. The time of death was estimated at sometime between 10pm on 30th April and 4am on 1st May.

Whether these two events bear any relation to one another is likely to become yet another of Horsingdon's enduring mysteries; however, local legend states that James Boreham at one time held congress with 'demons from the stars' on the summit of the Hill - about which is also woven a rich tapestry of portentous witchlore regarding Those Who Wait and their eventual, calamitous return.

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