Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.122: Sounds from the Abyss

Another transmitter array stationed on the roof of an abandoned building - once the administrative centre for Horsingdon Borough Council - just off Northwich High Street.

 Indistinct figures  - wearing overly-large grey hooded overalls, which gives them a faceless, misshapen demeanour- can sometimes be spied through the grimy windows, shuffling sbout the place; whilst these are doubtless council employees engaged in some onerous task related to the maintenance of the dilapidated edifice, other sources claim that these figures - which, they maintain, first appeared after the initial deployment of the transmitter - are the very reason for the building's abandonment. This being the case, the relationship between these mystifying figures and the transmitter remains unclear; even so, one local conspiracy theorist has informed me that the signals emitting from the building's array bear a striking resemblance to anomalous deep-space radio signals which have been intercepted by various space agencies - and subsequently kept hidden from the public.

This individual had, in fact, endeavoured to record in digital format the signal emanating from the above transmitter. The track, which I had the opportunity to listen to, contained two distinct soundwaves, one overlaying the other - foremost of which was a deep, sonorous and irregular boom, like the intermittent beating of some hideouly cavernous drum; below this, an equally erratic and atonal piping, as if produced by a cracked flute inexpertly played by nameless paws from within some nighted abyss.

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