Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.143: Broken Broomsticks

Occasionally in Horsingdon one encounters a broken broomstick, shorn of the bundle of sticks which once formed its bristles, seemingly cast careless to the ground. Invariably such items are found lying before a house or hovel recently abandoned - a house or hovel whose threshold is marked by a Black Bower. The prior inhabitants of such places are rarely, if ever, seen again. 

Local folklore has it that these broken broomsticks are used to signal to one of the guardians of the Black Bowers that he or she has been cast out of that ancient sodality of shadows. For this to happen to a member of a consortium of mystagogues whose occult practices and cryptic aims are recognised as not only diabolically malign, but as generally inimical to human life and morality in its entirety, one can only speculate upon the truely unspeakable nature of their transgressions, or the magnitude of their violations of their Order's sacred traditions. 

Needless to say, local folklore also holds that such expulsions are invariably accompanied by dreadful rites aligned against the transgressor, typically resulting in something terrible being called up from some nameless abyss, and sent in pursuit of the wrongdoer to call them to an accounting no doubt as horrible as it is indescribable.

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