Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.147: The Beast of Croxley Moor

About two miles out of Trentford along the Ebury Way, one encounters Croxley Moor - a wide expanse of marshy moorland surrounded on the North, East and South by thickly-wooded hills. For years locals have maintained that some musshapen, hulking prsence haunts the moor at night, and which, over the years has been held responsible for numerous dogs mysteriously disappearing whilst being walked by careless and inattentive owners on the moor - as well as the occasional rambler. No clear description of this terrify entity have been recorded, although it is commonly reffered to as scaly and giving off a foetid, fish-like odour

Of note is the fact that these accounts of the 'Beast of Croxley Moor' begin circulating throughout the region post-1962 - around the time that a secretive government listening post (whose transmitter array can just about be seen in the ladt of the above series of photgraphs) - situated on the edge of the moor - became operational.

One might be forgiven for drawing parallels between this case and the strange events surrounding Horsingdon nature reserve - especially in light of the reserve's proximity to another secretive government listening post (which has recently begun transmitting signals after years of silence). The similiarity between the two may be entirely coincidental - and to that end I will let regular readers draw their own conclusions.

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