Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.145: Signals to Unknown Realms

Overlooking the Grand Union Canal, not far from both Horsingdon Hill and its mysteriously enclosed nature reserve, is an abandoned building which was apparently once one of the Ministry's listening posts. Another of the many curious transmitter or antennae which overshadow the Horsingdon landscape rises from the roof of the tower visible to the left of the above photograph. Exactly who or what was monitored from this base of operations has never been revealed - although its proximity to Horsingdon Hill has long been cause for speculation.

Notably, the incidents prompting the enclosure by Horsingdon Council of the nearby nature reserve seem to have coincided with reports made by local amateur radio buffs - reports regarding the fact that the old Ministry building's antenna has unexpectedly begun retransmitting. Whether this is due to a glitch in whatever electronic systems remain within the structure, or an intentional act on the part of as yet undisclosed persons or agencies, has not yet been ascertained - nor does anyone have an explanation as to the nature, purpose or meaning of the cryptic signals now filtering through the airwaves, carrying their inscrutable communique into some hidden and unknown realm.

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