Friday, May 05, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.125: Triangulated Airwaves

Another of Horsingdon's larger transmitters: this one on the upper slope of Horsingon Hill itself, forming a triumvirate with two other arrays - at Burn Hill and Harlowe Hill respectively - aligned with the fabled Horsingdon Triangle.

The airwaves around these transmitters are abuzz with a discordant aural dread, disrupting the fragile sonic ecology of Horsingdon's ancient folkways: tales spun around the fireside of nearby pubs seem to transform from reflections on the social order into twisted narratives of atavistic and incestuous familial horror; folk songs once sung sweetly on the crest of Horsingdon Hill take an unexpectedly sinister turn as their words seem to resonate with frightful inferences about unseen powers; and the quaint local legends of Horsingdon, Harlowe and Burn Hills become transmuted into the monstrous, spectral disclosures of an abysmal, audient void - of which the unnatural accoustics of these three transmitters are the least manifestation.

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