Monday, May 15, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.135: Pigeons from Hell

My regular early evening perambulation through Hallowmere Playing Fields was today met by two curious and disturbing events: the colony of crows which typically inhabites the site - except for a single corvidae resting silently in the middles of the fields - had alighted and were nowhere to be seen (an ominous omen, as noted in yesterday's Transmission); more unnervingly, I discovered two headless pigeons in the alley which leads to the fields, and which forms part of my usual route through the locale.

Whilst it is quite likely that the unfortunate pigeons were victim to a bird-of-prey (some of which - the Barn owl and Cooper's hawk included - are apparently partial to pigeon heads), I can't dislodge the lurking suspicion that they were placed there by some party or agency as a deterrant from further pursuit of my investigations into the mysteries of the region. In any case, the lone crow in and of itself was enough of a portent to dissuade me from returning to the fields over the next few days. Regardless, regular readers can rest assured that, despite this worrying setback, my inquiries into the various enigmas of Northwich and Horsingdon will continue unabated.

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