Monday, May 29, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.149: Circles Full of Secrets

The first of the above photographs depicts one of the windowless buildings which form part of the secretive government installation - generally considered to be overseen and administered by the mysterious 'Ministry', whose recent history seems to be closely tied to that of the Horsingdon region - on the edge of Croxley Moor.

The second image shows the furthermost extremity of a small neolithic stone circle which falls within the boundaries of the facility (and the only part of the circle visible from the Ebury Way as it passes the state-owned property) - raising questions as to why the Ministry should see fit to assert jurisdiction over a parcel land of minor archaeological significance as a matter of national security...and wether this has any connection to reports over the last few decades regarding the so-called 'Beast of Croxley Moor'.

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