Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.129: Gateways

Statistics indicate that Horsingdon suffers from higher-than-average numbers of missing persons than most other Greater London Boroughs. In Horsingdon, sometimes these missing persons are discovered months - or even years - later, adaze in a field, with no recollection of where they have been.

Then there are those who do not return, and are never expected to: individuals - sometimes outsiders to the community - often observed prior to their passing from view as having wandered a little too close to one of those place most right-minded Horsingdon residents steer well-clear of. Of all such sites, locals are the most apprehensive of certain ancient and dilapidated gateways which dot the region. Scriven with strange symbols drawn from the archaic folk lexicon of the guardians of the Black Bowers, these gates appear to lead nowhere; it is, however, common knowledge that traversing these thresholds may carry the unwary traveller further afield than they might imagine - much further afield indeed.

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