Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.103:Objects in Space, Demons from the Stars

The above photo of the full moon over Northwich was taken two days ago. What I failed to notice at the time was the phenomenon captured in the bottom-left corner of the photo: a small diamond-shaped object appears to be rising into the air - from roughly the direction in which Horsingdon Hill lays - leaving what looks like a thin, hazy trail in its wake. Interestingly, I was informed yesterday that, earlier that night, the police had been called by concerned residents from a small Horsingdon housing estate regarding figures acting suspiciously in the vicinity of the Hill. The source of this information - someone well-placed in the Horsingdon Police force - also informed me that the officers who were called out to the incident found evidence of what he termed 'occult activity' near the crown of the Hill.

During his investigations into the life of James Boreham, Roland Franklyn discovered that Boreham made regular trips to Horsingdon Hill, almost always at night. Ostensibly, this was for the purpose of undertaking astronomical observations necessary to his occult research; Franklyn also notes that a common rumour at the time was that Boreham was actually calling down - and communing with - what the locals refered to as 'demons from the stars' during these mysterious night-time excursions.

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