Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.106: 'Windowless Solids With Five Dimensions'

In recent years, a strange windowless edifice has sprung up along the stretch of Grand Union Canal which runs through Horsingdon - accompanied by the ominous electric hum of generators that seem to be producing power for this sinister structure, apparently maintaining the extremely low temperatures which purportedly surrounds it.

Notably, this buildings stands on a site previously occupied by one of the warehouses owned by James Boreham (and discussed in an earlier entry), and is rumoured to be currently maintained by the Ministry. Roland Franklyn notes that, towards the end of his life, James Boreham had been storing artefacts acquired from an unnamed North American university at this particular warehouse. Franklyn goes on to record that, at the time, residents living in the vicinity of the warehouse regularly reported nights disturbed by strange dreams of polar climes, of vast, amorphous things entombed deep beneath the ice, and of enormous structures described by one percipient as 'windowless structures with five dimensions'. Whether this was precognitive of the site's futurity is unclear; nonetheless, dreams of ice - and of terrible non-euclidean monoliths - persist amongst the populace to this day.

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