Saturday, April 08, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.98: Signals From Space

During one of my recent customary nightly perambulations, I decided (somewhat unwisely, given the reputation of the place) to walk across Hallowmere Playing Fields (the tree just left-of-centre in the image above is the Witching Tree, whose history I have discussed in an earlier missive).

In any case, on the night of this particular psychogeographical ramble through Northwich's benighted
topography, I was fortunate enough to both witness (and make record of) one of the strange events which have typically become a regular occurence throughout the borough of Horsingdon: the point of light which can be seen near the top right-hand corner of the photograph I initially mistook for a star - until it began pulsing in an apparently random manner. Seemingly in response to this, a duplicate point of light appeared within the undergrowth at the far edge of the field (this can be seen near the bottom right-hand corner of the photo); this subsequently began to replicate the pulsing pattern of its skyborne twin, so that the two were oscillating in rythme. This continued for a very short period of time (although enough for me to capture this snapshot of the event) before both lights disappeared.

I contemplated further investigation of the undergrowth from which the earthbound light first emanated, with a view to determining its source; I have, however, become all too adept at interpreting the many uncanny portents that reveal themselves within and about the Horsingdon landscape to know that not all lights in the darkness mark the safest route - and that wayward travellers, having followed the course laid out by such praeternatural auguries, have all too often found themselves stepping unintentionally across an unseen threshold into a realm which has claimed so many of the region's other lost souls.

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