Friday, April 07, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.97: 'When You Hear The Singing, You Will Know It Is Time To Leave'

St. Ignatius' Church lies on the boundary between Northwich and Harlowe, and as is often the case with sacred sites which occupy a liminal territory, it marks a point of transition not only between boroughs but between worlds. But it is worth remembering that thresholds mark borders - and such lines of division are often warded and protected.

There is an odd piece of lore associated with the church: that on certain nights, singing of a particularly numinous quality can be heard emanating from within the building - as if produced by a choir of the most supernal of beings.

The locals will warn you, however, that on hearing the singing one should vacate the area with all due haste - lest the sound attain a siren-hold upon the listener, coaxing them to further investigation. There may be good reason for this: on no less than three occasions over the past two decades, bodies have been found slumped within the narthex of St. Ignatius', with blood pouring from their ruptured, dead ears, and eyes torn from the sockets by their own hands.

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