Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.95: Horsingdon Subterranea

Near the top of Horsingdon Hill sits what apppears to be a covered shaft or vent going into the depths of the rise. Horsingdon Borough archives - at least the few that are available to the public regarding this matter - suggest that this may have been part of a subterrenean reservoir which was intended to be built into the side of the Hill in 1950 - but which remained unfinished; other, less reputable sources claim that this was a Ministry-sponsored enterprise concerned with excavating the Hill in search of something which much older (and less accessible) records had indicated might lay buried at the heart of the tumulus - something the Ministry felt was vital to ensuring the country's security in the then-burdgeoning Cold War.

What this something may have been - and whether it was indeed found - remain, like so many of the mysteries surrounding the region, matters of pure speculation. Roland Franklyn, however, notes that one of his occult contacts in the area informed him that it was less that something was found rather than disturbed...

Indeed, during his visit to the area in the 1960s, Franklyn and his contact visited the hilltop in the vicinity of the vent at night. The following morning, Franklyn was discovered on the doorstep of his lodgings in Hallowmere Road, with very little memory of the night before; his companion was found later that day by some casual walkers, still on the hilltop, but in a virtually catatonic state. Franklyn later records that, on visiting the psychiatric ward at which his companion was to spend the rest of his life, this unfortunate individual would only mumble about 'the vast shape from below', and about the secrets which it had whispered to him through the vent - secrets meant, apparently, for no sane ears.

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