Monday, April 03, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.93: Witches Barrow

This little-used (and ancient) bridleway through Horsingon Woods has as its terminus a location known as Witches Hollow. As the it aproaches the Hollow, the nearby trees and shrubbery have enclosed the path, forming a rather claustrophic tunnel of foliage referred to by the locals as Witches Barrow.

This is an area avoided by Horsingdon residents, on account of the rasping whispers which have somtimes been heard by ramblers whilst passing through. Other less wary travellers - either ignorant of Horsingdon's rich and terrifying store of witchlore (or doubtful of its veracity) - on approaching the area at twilight have reported seeing a lone and crooked figure, cloaked in black, standing at the other end of the Barrow near Witches Hollow itself. These unwitting sightseers of the uncanny have also recounted the menacing and ungainly manner in which the figure beckoned them to approach the Hollow. None who have witnessed this strange phantasm have, thus far, felt compelled to heed the sinister presence's injunction; or at least, if they have, no one has noticed their passing.

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