Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.105: Megapolisomancy

The remnants of this defunct column-guided gas holder towers over the Grand Union canal not far from Horsingdon Hill. Built in the 1850s, the site was decomissioned in the late 1920s, after which James Boreham purchased the structure.

 Boreham added the destinctive cross wires, and apparently made other structural adjustments to the building - both in accordance with the principles of an alien geometry set out in certain esoteric texts (supposedly of prehuman provenance) which Boreham had access to. These sources had informed Boreham's wider researches into the field of megapolisomancy - the conjuration of 'paramental' beings out of the psycho-megalithic structures of force generated within vast urban spaces - which he had first encountered in the early 1900s during a sojourn amongst San Francisco's occult fraternity. In the aftermath of the failure of Welkin's Folly, Boreham apparently sought to use the modified edifice for generating some kind of field which could be used to tap into the underlying metageometries of Horsingdon, ultimately with a view to turning the vast metal lattice into some kind of summoning grid...

Today, the area is largely avoided by the more superstitious of Horsingdon's residents, who consider it to be haunted; I am also aware of at least one person who claims to have witnessed the manifestation of monstrous, composite beings of wood, wire, steel and flesh within the structure's boundaries.

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