Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.116: Psychic Contamination

The insidious influence of Horsingdon's multitudinous transmitter arrays extends to the parish boundary between Northwich and Harlowe, as seen from the platform of Harlowe-Upon-Weald station (which occupies an interstitial position on the boundary between parishes).

As much as the mysterious transmitter on the Northwich side of the boundary may very well be afflicting the aural topographies of Harlowe, the borough itself has a long reputation as a hub for paranormal activity - although perhaps this is a consequence of its proximity to Horsingdon. In the above photo, a blackened dome can be spied arising from the Harlowe side of the parish boundary. This squat building with dirt-encrusted windows has long been abandoned, and is thought to have once been a church - although no one now recalls its name, or the nature of the congregation it once housed. In any case, most of Harlowe residents avoid the place on account of the pall of unutterable horror that has settled over the decrepit building.

There is also a curious phenomenon that occurs within the vicinity of church: if one turns on a portable transistor radio within ten feet of the place, the only signal one is able to receive is the hiss of static, overlaying a low, sonorous chanting - a chanting accompanied by a soft voice whispering what are surely terrible secrets of momentous portent...if only one could hear the words more clearly. Perhaps this is an effect of the building's propinquity to the transmitter array - or perhaps it is the echo of some event from the building's past so monstrous that it's psychic contamination continues to haunt the sonic present of Harlowe's airwaves

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