Monday, April 17, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.107: Swimmers In The Depths

The modernist debris of the Industrial Revolution which litters the landscape around the Horsingdon stretch of the Grand Union canal - crumbling brick warehouses, rotting wharves, decaying shells of old factories - stand in stark contrast to the primordially-aquatic occult secrets harboured here by James Boreham.

Rumours continue to abound of vaguely anthropoid shapes spied swimming through the murky waters of these industrial channels, of things that retain the semblance of the human form treading the sedimented depths of the canal, and of furtive, mishappen things glimpsed briefly through the dust-clogged windows of deteriorating narrowboats: interstitial beings whose glazed, quasi-human eyes reflect an inhuman yearning for a final transition, and a time when they can join with their fellow swimmers in the depths

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