Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.94: Witches Hollow

During the latter half of the 17th Century, the clearing in Horsingdon Woods known as Witches Hollow was where - as the local witchlore has it - a coven of witches would convene to enact dark rites dedicated to Those Who Wait. Whilst many members of the Horsingdon coven were eventually hunted down and given to the pyre or the rope, others escaped the region or simply disappeared; in the latter instance, it is rumoured that a few remaining coven members returned to Witches Hollow to work a last, dark conjuration - a terminal ceremony from which none of them returned.

To this day the Hollow - as well as Horsingdon Woods more widely - remains largely unsullied by the grinding gears of industrialsed modernity; indeed, for those who seek to entreat with the strange worlds and abysmal realms with which such locales intersect, the discovery is made all too late that the Horsingdon landscape deals in a very different kind currency to that of the bustling, commodified temporalities of the world of enterprise and capital; so whilst the neophyte interloper desiring entry into those praeternatural spheres may find themselves on the cusp of attaining mastery over the infinite, who can tell what aweful and inconceivable payment Those Who Wait might demand in exchange?

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