Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.56: Shortcuts and Alleyways

This alleyway lies off a back street near Eastcote Lane. Something terrible happened here once - so terrible that the locals refuse to speak about the matter.

This story and variants thereof are told throughout the borough regarding all such socially -uncolonised spaces; sometimes the tales even offer unambiguous particulars: like Shanklin Alley, they may be haunted by the inhabitants of monstrous otherwolds which intersect with ours, or by the vicissitudes of their own blighted histories. Some folklorists might attribute the use of familiar elements of the local landscape - and the counter-intuitive character of praeternatural events associated with them - to social processes of memorialisation: a means of collectively recollecting the otherwise banal (but nonetheless culturally-significant) aspects of local history and identity, enabling the ready transmission of these socially-significant narratives through ostension and retelling.

This is rarely the case in the Horsingdon Triangle.

In the Horsingdon Triangle, such tales often turn out to be true.

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