Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.54: Blackbirds

Blackbird Hill - also known variously as the witch-haunted Burn Hill and Crow Hill - has long been the habitation of a colony of crows, and is one of the points on both the Horsingdon Triangle as well as the recently-discovered Horsingdon Pentagram. Legend holds that the crows arrived soon after the ill-fated witch-burning of 1678, and that they now protect the local population from the powers that have subsequently come to haunt the hill. In return, it is said that the crows demand only that the soul of an innocent be offered up to them once each year on All Hallows Eve, so that they might renew their watch.

Local ornithologists, who have diligently documented the avian population of Blackbird Hill over the last two decades, have noted that the size of the colony has expanded by exactly one bird annually during this period.

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