Friday, February 24, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.55: Pathways

Amongst other things, Boreham Park is notable for its landscaped gardens. Formerly part of the Boreham Mansion estate, paved pathways wind around the gardens in what seems a straightfoward and easily navigable fashion; however, many a casual flaneur anticipating a pleasant stroll on a calm Sunday afternoon has found themselves confused - gripped, even, by a vertiginous anxiety - as the twists of the landscape seem to produce a sudden, unexpected topographical disarray, or strangely jumbled geomorphological entanglements that speak of a terrain born of a realm wholly unlike our own.

Supposedly created by James Boreham according to some unearthly and diabolic design, no one has been able to produce an accurate map of the pathways through the gardens - or at least no two maps produced of the area have yet managed to depict precisely the same cartography.

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