Monday, February 27, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.58: Northwich Business Park

Northwich Business Park: all that remains are crumbling, deserted high-rise office buildings, haunted by the hollow ghosts of all the businesses which rented space here only to fail and go into receivership.

The lower portions of the buildings are covered in the alien script of an indecipherable graffiti, and in one of the edifices mannequins (the type which one would typically find in the display of a local high street shop) have been positioned so that they are staring vacuously through broken windows in the direction of Horsingdon Hill. Close inspection of the mannequins over time has indicated that someone has regularly been changing their positions, as if using them to act out some complex ritual circuit.

Multiple attempts to regenerate the area have proven unsuccessful, and have largely been abandoned by Horsingdon Council after a group of council workers, who entered one of the buildings to undertake a standard safety check in preparation for another planned phase of renewal, disappeared without trace. Even so, a few years back the council sent in another team to install some kind of antennae or transmitter on the roof of one the buildings.

Some locals claim that the collapse and urban decay that has so afflicted the area is a consequence of the site resting on a spot sacred to Those Who Wait (rumour has it that robed figures can be spied in the vicinity of the park on certain auspicious nights of the year); or perhaps the Horsingdon landscape itself has refused to countenance such a large-scale intrusion of modernity within its bounds, reclaiming and reshaping bare concrete and shattered glass as part of its own bleak and despondent topography.

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